Dusty Old Fairgrounds | Flora & Violet


Violet wanted to go out into the city, but the thought of going alone frightened her and she wouldn’t ask anyone else to go with her, she wouldn’t be able to protect those that she would want at her side if someone were to hate what they saw. She too frail and too tiny. Sometimes she wished that she could sew, she could make beautiful works of art with fabric, but unfortunately; her sewing only went as far as being able to stitch a hem quickly or sew a button onto her shirt. 

It was because Tyler didn’t like her calling him father, she was just a painful reminder of something that was from his past. She wasn’t Mick who was his own flesh and flood and mattered to him. At least, that’s how Violet saw it. “Read? It’s a beautiful day Flora, you should explore the carnival, ride some rides, have a bit of fun!” Flora shouldn’t be embarrased at all, the poor woman. “After I finish here I think I’ll go and pick some flowers. There’s some very vibrant red ones in the field, I think they’d be a nice addition to Miss Meg’s room.”

Miss Meg was a entirely different story as to why Violet was so attached to the young dancer.

Flora wasn’t even thinking about it possibly being dangerous in the city. She figured she could take care of herself well enough, even if this was not true. She hadn’t spent much time outside of the carnival, and when she had, she was in the beginning stages of her tattoo process. They were much easier to hide back then. Flora never learned to sew so she was dependent on others for her wardrobe. 

She smiled. “That does sound grand.” Truthfully, she wasn’t in the mood to wander the grounds by herself. She did it so often and she wanted a bit of company. Riding the Ferris Wheel alone sounded sad. “That sounds like a lovely idea, Violet. I’m sure she’d love that.” This was one of those times where she wondered if she should ask to accompany her or not.

Flora hadn’t spoken much to Miss Meg but she admired her from afar. She seemed so determined…something Flora needed to be if she wanted things to change. 

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Dusty Old Fairgrounds | Flora & Violet


Fabric was expensive and so were dresses. Much more than Violet could ever afford. No, she’d never have proper things like the other girls did. But she had learned to accept the reality of things. It didn’t mean she couldn’t admire things from afar and imagine herself in such clothing. Violet was good at living in a make believe world, it just helped things along.

Violet seemed very, very pleased that Flora liked it. And smiled. It made her feel appreciated and loved in a way. Her head canted to the side and she took the poster back, tying it setting it back down. “I’ve been here..a few years? I don’t really member. I came with Mick and ou- his father, I guess I lost track of time. It’s been a few years at least!” 

She always tried to remain optimistic. It didn’t pay to think badly about things. So she smiled politely at the woman, tilting her head a bit. “How do you plan to enjoy the rest of your evening off then Flora?”

Flora only had a few dresses and two of them were for her show. Maybe one of these days she’d go out in town and find something new. Something Violet could borrow if she wanted. 

She picked her cigarette back up and idly dragged on it as she listened. Her eyebrow raised of its own accord as Violet corrected herself but she quickly smiled, hoping she didn’t notice. She wondered why Violet felt the need to hide such a thing but she made a mental note not to say anything about it later. 

Flora looked at the bright side of things but she worried. A lot. She smiled back, thinking of her poster. “I was planning on going back to my place to…read.” She suddenly felt embarrassed about her juggling practice. Maybe it was a waste of time. “And you? After you’re done with your sign, I mean.”

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First Time for Everything | Aisling | Flora


In terms of the Master being adamant that Aisling cover up her hands…well, Aisling never cared to dwell too much on her audition for the carnival.  It was a difficult moment where the Master had not believed the extent of her abilities until Aisling’s temper had gotten the better of her and she had showed him.  Hence, their…arrangements were the gloves.  After all, didn’t most have secrets to hide?

Aisling grinned at Flora, nodding. “Yes, love, irony is certainly the way to describe my predicament—that much is certain.  It can be…trying at times, as you said, though to be able to see other’s futures, but not my own. Ah, well.” She sighed, rolling her eyes. “A trade off I suppose, with the…curse, gift or blessing, I never know what to call it, truthfully.”

She frowned at Flora’s words, suddenly worried that she, too, had pried too much. After a pause, she shook off the frown and smiled sadly at her. “Ah…to be honest, love, I think that’s why most of us are here.  A fresh start—after all, I do not believe as children we all intended to spend our days in a freak show.  But…it is where we all ended up.  It could be much worse…and…” she stopped here, to gather her thoughts. “The Master does, at the end, provide a safe place.” Despite Aisling dislike of the man, she did have some semblance of a begrudging respect for him—it was tiny but it existed.

“However!” She smirked again, moving to place a hand over Flora’s, but making sure she covered her own hand with a sleeve from her robes.  “I am glad you decided to join us.  I look forward to us becoming very dear friends.”

Yes, everyone had secrets to hide and Flora was no exception. But all secrets are found out eventually and she hoped it would be a very long time before that happened. By then she hoped to have found her place among the rest of the carnival. 

"Perhaps someday you will be able to. Although if it is a trade off, you wouldn’t be able to do your readings here anymore." She wondered if maybe Aisling would be happier about that though. Maybe it wouldn’t be a good thing to be able to see your own future, unless there was a way you could change it. 

Flora smiled then. “You’re right, it could be much worse. When I was a child I imagined someday being in a different area of a carnival.” Her smile faltered a little. “But I suppose there are those who enjoy seeing the freaks. And the Master has been most welcoming towards me, more than I deserve.” 

She looked down at the hand over hers and smiled sadly, noticing how Aisling covered it with her sleeve. “I’m looking forward to that very much. It’s been too long since I’ve had a female friend.” She often found it difficult to speak to other women, having grown up without a mother or sister and sheltered from most of the other people at her old carnival. She tried to choose her words carefully so as not to offend—her father always spoke about them as if they were so fragile. Her being the exception of course.

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Dusty Old Fairgrounds | Flora & Violet


“Well, if it’s not then how will people know where to come in?” She gave a small smile before taking her brush out from the murky water and wiped it on a old towel. Violet wasn’t dressed like any other other females at the carnival, not even close but that was okay. She admired them all from afar. Her little spot was nice, it wasn’t shaded but the tents surrounding the area made it a little cooler somehow. 

At the mention of Flora wanting to see her sign, Violet smiled brightly and looked through the rolled posters. “It’s not quite done yet, this is the new one, but you can see the work in progress.” And it was quite beautiful. She had tried to make sure to show Flora looking elegant as possibly with her flowy dresses that she often wore. Enticing the men just a little bit as to what was under them.

“I hope it’s okay.”

"Oh, right." Flora felt the back of her neck heat up in embarrassment. She flicked the ash off her cigarette and watched Violet, noting her dress. She’d look good in red, she thought absentmindedly, wishing she knew how to sew better. Though fabric was expensive…she shook herself from her thoughts as Violet started looking through her posters. 

Flora gently took the poster from the other girl’s hands and gazed at the advertisement. That was the wrong word for it. It was more like a souvenir that could be sold at the carnival store—for a good price. It was obvious that she had skill and she was flattered that she was portrayed so beautifully. “There’s quite a bit of detail here.” She smiled. “I love it. It makes me feel…at home here.”

She ashed again and set her cigarette down so she could roll the poster back up. Handing it back, she smiled and took a drag. “So. How long have you been working here?”

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Anonymous said: What is your biggest fear?

Being unwanted and not knowing it.

Anonymous said: Are you attracted to anyone in the Carnival?

I’d rather not say. 

Anonymous said: What's your favourite tattoo?

Well…hmm. I don’t mind most of them but I do like the Beethoven tattoo on my leg. His music is so beautiful. It was one of the tattoos that I requested.